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Adopt-a-shelter-cat month

Instead of Kitty of the Month this month, we are choosing to highlight 4 adoptable cats. Each cat has a $75 vet credit to your vet of choice. So come and meet these kitties during June to take advantage of their June special.  



"If you love calicos, then I am your girl."


Patches is not your quiet little lap cat. She wants what she wants, when she wants it -- and she will definitely tell you all about it. Patches had it all -- a loving owner and two great kitty pals. Unfortunately, her owner passed away and her friends were adopted, leaving her life upside down. Patches knows that it can be hard for an older cat to find a loving home, especially when you are a diva like she is. If you can love Patches unconditionally, please stop by to meet her. 


"I may play hard to get but that's all a front."


Penny is a gorgeous tuxedo cat who will lay in your lap when she gets to know you. It may take several visits for her to warm up to you, but trust us, she is worth all the time. She is not fussy about anything. Several cat beds and maybe a cat tree and she is a happy gal. Grab a book and come on over to see what we mean. 

"Glad you caught me! I was just heading off on another new adventure."

Tink is a pretty little lady who is quite the adventurer. If you have the time, she would be sure to tell you all about it. She is very expressive and will have a full conversation with anyone who is willing. When she isn't adventuring, she likes to sleep in her kitty cave. Tink would prefer to be the center of attention for her new family. A quiet home without cats or children would be ideal. 


"Did you say mouse? I'm on it! I've taken down plenty of toy mice in my day, and I am not even 1 year old yet!"

Chal loves to play and can occupy himself when needed. So being an only cat is not a problem. He also loves long naps in the sun, but who doesn't? Chal likes his routines and whatever you do, make sure he is fed at the right time. He also has a strict nap schedule and will take his afternoon nap at the same time everyday. Stop by and see him, but if it's afternoon, he may have a nap scheduled. He is loving, but his motto is "snooze before youz". 

If you can't adopt, there are plenty of ways to support the cause:

  • Donate- Money or supplies are always welcomed! Shelters need more than just food. They also need cleaning supplies, paper plates, litter, toys, treats, hand sanitizer, and more

  • Foster - fostering has so many benefits for both the shelter and the fosterer. Fosters are not financially responsible for vet bills, food and litter is tax-deductible when fostering and they get first dibs if they fall in love and want to adopt the animal.

  • Sponsor a cat - if you do love a particular cat, you can sponsor vet visits, dental work, a spay/neuter or even their adoption fee!

  • Help spread the word - social media is a powerful tool and the more people who are informed, the better

  • Volunteer- you would be surprised how much shelters rely on volunteers to keep them going! Obviously, they need help keeping the place clean and socializing with the animals, but if you have experience in fundraising, event planning, legal services, plumbing, decorating - there is certainly some sort of skill that you have that a shelter would appreciate!

  • Help fundraise - work places, schools, etc are very receptive to putting a box in their cafeteria and getting people to donate money or other cat necessities

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