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Part of our mission is to educate our community on the resources that are available to them for spay/neuter, lost pets, stray cat information, general cat welfare, and more. We put together this page in hopes that it can provide some assistance to those in need. 

Low Cost Vet Care

  • Work with your community! Reach out to neighbors, postal workers, local vets or shelters, and any other people who are involved in the community. Try posting on community apps, like Ring, NextDoor, etc. Post in community Facebook Groups (ie. search "Lost and Found Pets of [Montgomery] County on Facebook).

  • Contact your pets microchip company and ensure the information is up to date

  • alerts local rescues and shelters   

  • alerts locals via facebook

  • Create a lost Pet Poster

  • Uses facial recognition help reunite lost pets

Lost Pets

Stray Cats

It is very important to note that not all outdoor cats need to be rescued. Most thrive outdoors. DO NOT trap a cat unless you have a place lined up for it go.

  • gives important information on what to do if you find a stray 

  • Visit our Surrender page for an informative chart on what to do if you find a stray

  • Visit here to get a list of people who help with Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) programs. *KCAC does rent traps if needed, call or email us for more information

  • Forgotten Cats Low-Cost Clinic and TNR Assistance

  • Visit here for a guide on outdoor cat shelters

  • There are community Facebook groups that have approved and verified rescues who are involved in trapping and assisting community cats. 

  • Gives you the most up to date list of shelters in the area. 

  • Visit here for more information on the Paper Collar method to see if the cat is owned by someone or if it really is a stray

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