Meet our adoptable kitties! 

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We may not be open to the public, but we can still show you the cats we have available for adoption! 

Meet Our Cats

Meet Our Cats

Meet Our Cats
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Meet Beurre Blanc

Meet Beurre Blanc

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Meet Pierre

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Available cats

Mr. Crinkles

Mr. Crinkles Male DSH Brown Tabby DOB: 6/15/14 Hi there, I am Mr. Crinkles, they call me that because of my crinkly ear. I'm a senior guy battling some back issues, but it sure doesn't stop me! My condition is manageable, and I'm not in any pain, I just walk a little wobbly. I would love to live out my older days in a comfortable home where I can get lots of love an attention.

Sage & Kai

Sage & Kai Bonded Pair Female & Male Brown Tabby & Gray Tabby DOB: 10/12/20


Semolina Female DSH Torbie DOB: 3/30/21 Hi there! I am Semolina. I gave birth to 4 babies on a farm. My babies got a lot of attention, and I was always in the background, but now I am ready to get some attention all for myself! I just LOVE to be pet, any open spot for me to rub on you is my favorite. I am still a young girl, so I like to play a lot too- and I just adore treats! Oher cats don't bother me, as long as I have a human to give me love!


Sushi Female DSH Torbie w/ White DOB: 6/12/20


Pierre Male DSH Gray & White DOB: 01/31/21 WATCH MY VIDEO! Pierre is just about the tiniest and softest little man you'll ever meet! He is a bit shy at first, but he does love attention and would really thrive in a home! He would be a great fit for a first time cat owner, or for someone who already has a cat at home since he loves to play with the other cats in the room.


T-Bone Male DSH Black & White Tuxedo DOB: 01/01/12 I'm a senior guy here to tell you all about why older cats are just the best! I don't need too much, I'm pretty comfortable as long as I have you by my side to guide me. If you're not by my side, I'll be sure to find you and follow behind you! I've lived out most of my playful days, so the best thing you could give me is a nice big cat tree. I don't mind other cats, as long as I can be in charge.


Seline Male DSH grey/white DOB: 3/15/15 Watch my Video!


Moose Male DSH Brown Tabby with White DOB:8/4/2017 Moose has had a rough past and he is ready to be snuggled in a fear-free home. He has progressed very well and is starting to accept people as friends, rubbing all over your legs and purring. He would need a home with an experienced cat owner who can let him decompress and build a bond on his own time- which shouldn't be long!


Betta Female DSH Calico DOB: 1/20/20 WATCH MY VIDEO! Betta is a total sweetheart with people. She enjoys jumping up on your back when you're scooping the litter box, and lounging in the window all day. She would really prefer to be the only cat in the home with no other animals.


Frenchie Female DSH white/black DOB: 2/24/19 Watch my Video!

Beurre Blanc

Beurre Blanc Male DSH White 05/19/21 WATCH MY VIDEO! Beurre Blanc is a very affectionate alpha male cat. He spends most of his day lounging, and would be best in a home where he is the only cat and can get tons of attention.


Dinozzo Male DSH White & Brown Tabby DOB: 9/6/14 Say Hello to Dinozzo- a low- maintenance and lovable guy. He likes to take it easy most of the time, lounging the day away. He is quite friendly and can't wait to get into a home where it will be a lot more quiet than a shelter!


Gibbs Male DSH Brown Tabby DOB: 3/15/2020 This young lad is looking for a forever family he can follow around to get all the attention, love, and playtime he demands. He is constantly rubbing your ankles wanting love! He enjoys butting heads with hoomans and play time. He has traveled from place to place with this sloth toy pictured, so be sure to take it with him!


Papa Male DSH Brown Tabby DOB: 12/29/18 Long, Tan and Handsome! Papa is a very tall and unique looking dark brown tabby cat who is very low maintenance and loving. He is a on a special diet for his kidneys, but that doesn't make him any less lovable! He requires a human or another cat to head butt when needed, and would make a great buddy for any kind of home!


Madame Female DSH Gray and White Tabby WATCH DOB: January 31, 2012 It's Madame to you! I'm a senior gal looking for a person to live out my older years with- just lounging away together. I spend most of my day sun bathing and hope to have a nice window seat in my new home. I love my wet food, and I love to talk to you about how much I love it too! I don't care too much for other cats, if they get near me I just tell them to go away. They seem to always listen well- I must be pretty convincing!

Praline _ Ganache

Praline & Ganache Males DSH Gray Tabby with White DOB: February 14, 2022 *Preferred Bonded Pair


Kanga (Preferred bonded with Roo) Male DSH Gray DOB: 4/17/22


Roo (Preferred bonded with Kanga) Male DSH Gray with nub tail DOB: 4/17/22

Futomaki Roll2

Futomaki Roll Male DSH Black DOB: 3/22/22


Figgy *Preferred bonded with Stetson Male Black DOB: 3/31/22


Stetson *Preferred bonded with Figgy Male Black with White Paws DOB: 3/17/22


Dr. Strange Male Black and White DOB: 3/11/2022 Our super-powered kitten has a knack for winning the day, and winning over hearts. As a master of all of the heart-arts, this sweet boy always figures out a way to get what he wants. Dr. Strange is a big fan of getting all kinds of scratches, especially on his belly! He is a big fan of play, but a bigger fan of lounging around in the oddest of places and positions, all of which must be near you so he can cast his web of cuddles!


Gryffin Male Black & White Tux DOB: 3/11/2022 This fearless feline is the most courageous kitten in the litter! Gryffin is always ready for play, and sees every new toy as a challenge that he will overcome. Not only will he be the first to pounce on a toy, he is also the first to claim your leg in a charming, purring fashion! A sweetheart that wants all of your attention, Gryffin will do all he can for your affection!


Magic Female Black DOB: 3/11/2022 Our sweet, good luck charm, Magic, knows all the tricks to steal your heart. A true snuggle-bug, Magic loves a good old fashioned head scratch, and she is always ready to be spoiled with treats and cuddles! This sweet kitten also gets along great others, and loves to explore new places – either on her own or in your arms. Hungry for love, affection, and chicken pate, see if Magic is the purrfect kitten for you!