Meet our adoptable kitties! 

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We may not be open to the public, but we can still show you the cats we have available for adoption! 

Available cats


Delilah & McGee Female & Male DLH Black & White DOB: 3/1/19 These pom pom's are looking for their forever home together as a pair. They adore people (and their laps!). McGee is a little bit bigger and the more confident of the two and Delilah is a bit smaller, but just as friendly. She has the cutest high-pitched chirp when she wants something. They would do well in a home with kids, but probably prefer to be the only animals in the home.


Pierre Male DSH Gray & White DOB: 01/31/21 Pierre is just about the tiniest and softest little man you'll ever meet! He is a bit shy at first, but he does love attention and would really thrive in a home!


Taffy Female DSH Calico DOB: 11/26/2020 Taffy is a seet and fun loving young girl looking for her forever home. She makes soft chirping noises as she walks around exploring and loves kneading on fleece blankets She gives good head bundts and is very wet food motivated. Taffy is still young, so she adores her play time and her toys- especially toy mice and lasers! She does butt heads with other cats in her room from time to time, so being an only child may be good for her, or at least being the o


Dinozzo Male DSH White & Brown Tabby DOB: 9/6/14 Say Hello to Dinozzo- a low- maintenance and lovable guy. He likes to take it easy most of the time, lounging the day away. He is quite friendly and can't wait to get into a home where it will be a lot more quiet than a shelter!


Gibbs Male DSH Brown Tabby DOB: 3/15/2020 This young lad is looking for a forever family he can follow around to get all the attention, love, and playtime he demands. He is constantly rubbing your ankles wanting love! He enjoys butting heads with hoomans and play time. He has traveled from place to place with this sloth toy pictured, so be sure to take it with him!


Moose Male DSH Brown Tabby with White DOB:8/4/2017 Moose has had a rough past and he is ready to be snuggled in a fear-free home. He has progressed very well and is starting to accept people as friends, rubbing all over your legs and purring. He would need a home with an experienced cat owner who can let him decompress and build a bond on his own time- which shouldn't be long!


PeeWee Male DSH Black DOB: 3/23/20 Watch my Video!

Beurre Blanc

Beurre Blanc Male DSH White 05/19/21 Beurre Blanc is a very affectionate alpha male cat. He spends most of his day lounging, and would be best in a home where he is the only cat and can get tons of attention.


Puffer Female DSH Brown Tabby DOB: 1/1/14 Puffer is front declawed and a total lover. Puffers one and only girl is Betta, if they can't go together as a pair, she would do best as the only animal in the home.


Betta Female DSH Calico DOB: 1/20/20 Betta is a total sweetheart with people. She loves her pal Puffer and would do well in a home with her. Otherwise she would need to be the only cat in the home with no other animals.


Gaston Male DSH Buff Orange & White DOB: 1/24/18 Gaston is a cheeky buffer! He is a little timid when you first get to know him, but once you gain his trust he is a rolly pollie! He had a rough past in a hoarding situation with matted fur. He lived with other cats previously and wouldn't mind getting slowly introduced to new friends.


Papa Male DSH Brown Tabby DOB: 12/29/18 Long, Tan and Handsome! Papa is a very tall and unique looking dark brown tabby cat who is very low maintenance and loving. He is curious, loving and would make a great buddy for any kind of home!


Seline Male DSH grey/white DOB: 3/15/15 Watch my Video!


Frenchie Female DSH white/black DOB: 2/24/19 Watch my Video!