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Meet our adoptable kitties! 

For additional information on our adoption process, please visit our ADOPT page.

Meet Our Cats

Meet Our Cats

Meet Our Cats
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Meet Pierre

Meet Pierre

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Meet Frenchie

Meet Frenchie

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Meet Seline

Meet Seline

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Available cats


Blaze Male DSH Pointed DOB: 8/12/21


Sherman Male DMH Gray Tabby DOB: 6/12/23


Salem Male DSH Black DOB: 5/1/2023


Wallace Male DSH Buff Orange & White DOB: 04/19/2021 Im Wallace as in Wallace and Gromit. Since I'm cat, I'm Wallace obviously. They call me a bit of a nudge, but that's because I have a huge crush on Valentina! She is so beautiful and I just love her! I may be better in a single cat home because of my obsession with her, but that's just Hooman Talk, don't listen to them, she will love me one day! As will you if you come meet me, I'm kind of a hottie! You know you like Orange Boys!


Peabody Male DSH Brown Tabby w/ white DOB: 6/18/23


Cutie Male DMH Orange/ White DOB: 03/15/2016 I'm a handsome boy, albeit a bit shy when I first meet you-but I warm up. I've had a questionable past so I take it slow with my affection. And, a small secret I wont tell anyone about, my tail! It's only half there! If you're patient with me, I'll let you pet me and brush my glorious fur. I'm pretty calm with my friends and enjoy snuggles, but if I'm an only child-I wont complain! More love for me to share with you!


Serena Female DSH Gray Tabby DOB 4/423


Raye Female DSH Black & White Tuxedo DOB: 4/4/23


Pebbles Female DSH Black & White Tuxedo DOB: 6/18/23


Morris Male DSH Pointed DOB: 4/7/23


Mina Female DSH Gray and White Tabby DOB: 4/16/23


Maddie Female DSH Black DOB: 5/1/2023


Marlowe Female DSH Calico DOB: 4/7/23


Mojo Jojo Male DSH Black DOB: 2/14/20


Lita Female DSH Gray Tabby w/ White DOB: 4/16/23


Bubbles Female Gray Tabby w/ White DOB: 8/30/22


Mistyrose Female DSH Tortie DOB 04/01/2020 I'm a petite little girl who has had her litter of babies, and now it's time for me! I'm looking for a home that has a lot of action, because I have a lot of energy to give! From chasing toys, and the occasional fly, to greeting you at the door! I've been bonding really well with my long legged buddy Majestic, he's very tall and I like to walk right under him, sometimes run under him and trip him! Maybe I just need a home with playmate who can keep up!


Blossom Female DSH Gray DOB: 4/21/21


Amy Female DSH Tabby DOB: 4/16/23


Valentina Female DSH Black DOB:2/14/18 My name is valentina, but im too sassy to be anyone's valentine! I love to get pets but on my own terms. I might give mixed signals but I will be sure to let you know that I found my furrever home


Fitzgerald Male DSH Brown Tabby w/ White DOB: 02/18/2017 We're all pretty laid back here, I get along great with other cats. I guess you'd say I'm a bit of a special case, I'm what they call a chronic condition cat, as I'm being treated for stomatitis and they discovered I have a special Valentine Shaped Heart! This gives me extra loving abilities, and something called a Grade 3 out of 6 Heart Murmur. We're treating my symptoms with a little pill every day. But I take my pill like a champ!


Dinozzo Male DSH White & Brown Tabby DOB: 9/6/14 I'm what they call a bit of a older guy, but I still got a lot of spunk in my step! I'm super low maintenance (a bit of a looker, too!) and really enjoy making sure my friends are doing well. We spend time grooming each other and I try and keep them out of trouble, but you know cats! Always into something, ya think they'd trust a guy with a lot of experience! Well, they always know they are safe with me, so snuggles are appreciated!


Majestic Male DSH Brown Tabby DOB: 4/20/2020  As you can see I'm quite the catch! I'm a professional biscuit maker, if you scratch my back you'll have a whole batch! I'm super sweet and cuddly, but a little shy at first but once you see me you won't stop loving me! If you want a baker who is a bit big and likes small places, then come and see me and get a biscuit!

Mini Moo (2)

Mini Moo Female DSH Black & White DOB: 8/26/2021 My name is very deceiving, I'm not very mini, nor can I moo! But, I do love to keep myself busy with my feline friends! Don't take it personally, I just find them more comforting. See, I was returned before, so my trust issues are kinda high. They said I wasn't very cuddly, but some cats just aren't. So, I'm looking for someone who might be able to just let me be me. I love other cats and am hoping to go to a home with friends or possible go home


Fluffernutter Female DLH Calico DOB: 03/15/2018 I'm a special girl, I need so much patience. I have not had the best of lives, so far three of my furr-ever homes have sent me back. I try, but no one gets me. That's OK, though, Kitty Cottage gives me chances... For now, I wont come say "Hi" if you come to meet me, I'm just not ready, people have just let me down. I'm getting a lot of help these days, so I'll have some updates-check back in on me when you can.


Pierre Male DSH Gray & White DOB: 01/31/21 Hello there, I'm Pierre. I'm not much of a social butterfly, but I'm comfortable with myself. Sometimes I can be found chasing the laser pointer light and maybe I'll join in on the wand toy fun, but mostly I have a general affinity for being left alone. It sounds bad at first, but if you're a quiet person, maybe we can just be alone together. I'm in no rush, so come by, or not! I'll be looking out the window, enjoying my time with me.


Seline Male DSH grey/white DOB: 3/15/15 Watch my Video! Seline is one of our special cases. He's a sweet boy who seems to have seasonal allergies. We're treating him, so he's much more comfortable, but the medication makes him pretty calm. He loves to be brushed and help reaching all of those nooks and crannies he can't reach. He'd be great in a calm house with a beautiful view, he does love watching the birds fly past!


Frenchie Female DSH white/black DOB: 2/24/19 Watch my Video! My markings are some of the most unique! The thumb print on my nose, it is eye catching! My favorite place is up high in my perch, so I can watch what is going on in my room. I do like a laser pointer and a good stretch on the scratching post! I'm pretty low maintenance and may take a little bit to come out of my shell, but brushings and treats do work wonders!

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