Brandi Greene, Shelter Director and Veterinary Nurse

Brandi served in the United States NAVY for 4 years working in the CIC (Combat Information Center).  After the NAVY she went into her career as a Veterinary Nurse. She has worked in Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospitals, Veterinary Ophthalmology, Physical Therapy and private practices.  Brandi started working at Kitty Cottage Adoption Center in 2013 and puts every ounce of her energy into caring for the two loves in her life, her daughter and Kitty Cottage. Brandi plays a crucial role in helping the shelter run smoothly with her many jobs. When she isn’t behind the desk answering questions, she is pulling cats from shelters, caring for cottage’s cats, taking the shelter kitties to vet appointments, facilitating adoptions, organizing fundraisers, securing fosters, fostering animals and over all making sure the shelter operates to it’s fullest potential. As an animal lover, she is owned by 4 cats, 2 dogs and the many KC fosters.

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Lori Strange, Assistant Manager

Lori joined Kitty Cottage in January 2018 and has been a huge asset with her top-notch organizational skills and upbeat personality. You might see Lori behind the desk at Kitty Cottage, but you will also see her caring for the many cats in the cottage, maintaining the property, organizing everything in sight, facilitating adoptions, cleaning, managing volunteers, helping with intake, planning fundraisers, coming up with great ideas to help the Cottage run more smoothly and just generally being helpful. She has always been an animal lover and has had animals all her life including rats, cats, and dogs. She also volunteered at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic for 13 years specializing in work with squirrels. After many years working in her corporate career, she decided to follow her passion by working with animals and animal rescue.

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Jillienne Cronk, Administrative Assistant, Feline Attendant

Jillienne (better known as Jill) has been a valued feline attendant at Kitty Cottage since the summer of 2019. She joined as a naive kitty lover and has since become a prodigy cat whisperer. Jill has a background in house-flipping, office administration work and farm work and we are thrilled she became a part of the Cottage's incredible team. Jill is a cool mom to two cool kids and has a few pets of her own. Jill is a superstar, spending a lot of time and energy processing applications, maintaining the posh living standards of the Cottage residents, answering the phone and emails, giving adoption tours to potential adopters and of course she is a great friend to all cats. Her favorite part of her job is giving Dino head rubs in exchange for his "presents". She is a cat-to-family- matching guru and is also one of Kitty Cottage's biggest fans. Jill considers herself a "stage 5 clinger" because she'll always find room in her heart for the wonderful kitties at Kitty Cottage. We simply do not know where she finds the energy to do everything she does.