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Dino, Office Manager

Dino joined Kitty Cottage in May of 2018 and quickly earned his way to the top manager position over the past few years. He has been an incredible addition to the team despite having zero rescue experience. Dino works hard to keep staff and volunteers on track, and ensures each person is doing their job correctly. He greets everyone with a smile, and wishes each adopted cat luck as they leave here and venture on to their new journey. He maintains his spot here at the cottage by keeping his soiling habits undesirable. KCAC loves him here and couldn't imagine life without him, they truly would be lost without his input and guidance. 

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Lori Strange, Assistant Manager

Lori joined Kitty Cottage in January 2018 and has been a huge asset with her top-notch organizational skills and upbeat personality. You might see Lori behind the desk at Kitty Cottage, but you will also see her caring for the many cats in the cottage, maintaining the property, organizing everything in sight, facilitating adoptions, cleaning, managing volunteers, helping with intake, planning fundraisers, coming up with great ideas to help the Cottage run more smoothly and just generally being helpful. She has always been an animal lover and has had animals all her life including rats, cats, and dogs. She also volunteered at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic for 13 years specializing in work with squirrels. After many years working in her corporate career, she decided to follow her passion by working with animals and animal rescue.

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Brooke Brush, Adoption Coordinator

Brooke joined the Kitty Cottage staff in January of 2021. Brooke has been around cats since she was born has always had an extreme love and passion for all kinds of kitties. Originally from Long Island, Brooke moved to Philadelphia in 2020 and started volunteering at Kitty Cottage shortly after. Brooke quickly found her home at the Cottage and traded in her corporate travel agent job for one filled with more snuggles, purrs and pets. She spends her time at the Cottage processing applications, cleaning, giving appointment tours, working with social media and making sure supplies are stocked and organized. 


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