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If you are on the fence about starting the incredibly rewarding life of fostering, just know that fostering saves lives! Yes, we have the cottage for cats to live in, but it is not always the best place for those cats or kittens who are either too young to be in the shelter or to cats who have medical issues or may be extremely stressed in a room with other cats. 

Typically, we need fosters to help with kittens more so than cats. Adult cats do not tend to adjust well when they are constantly moved around, so it is healthier for them to stay in the cottage and get more exposure to potential adopters than to being repeatedly stressed out. From time to time we may need a foster for a cat if they require medication, hospice or just a little extra love if they are not thriving in the cottage. 

but, kitten season is ALWAYS here!

If you have ever popped into the Cottage between April and November, you probably noticed the crazy amount of kittens in pods pretty much all over the place.  That is because it is kitten season and we tend to be overwhelmed with them! Though that is the peak season, we always tend to have some kittens trickling in. 

This influx of kittens is when we most need fosters! We typically give our fosters a litter of kittens which would be anywhere from 2-5 kittens at a time. They would commit to keeping them for 1-3 months (taking them to and from the shelter every 2 weeks for shots) until they have enough vaccinations, and they are spayed and old enough to come into the shelter.


Young kittens are not safe in shelters for a few reasons, but mainly because they do not have developed immune systems so it is likely that they would be at risk near so many other cats. Kittens need a series of vaccines before coming into the cottage for this very reason. Email for any questions and concerns.


Ready to start the glorious life of fostering?

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