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We understand that many people can fall into unfortunate situations and look to rehome their own or a family members cat. Due to our cage-free set up we do have requirements and fees for any cat that we decide to take in to ensure the safety of the other animals in our care. In addition, we are a very small shelter and almost always have a waitlist due to our unique setup. However, we do try our best to offer as many resources as we can to those we cannot assist.

All surrenders need to be fully vetted with proven records, up to date on vaccines, spayed or neutered, and indoors for a minimum of 60 days. Keep in mind- a cat who does not get along with other cats may not be a good fit for our shelter, being that our cats roam free and interact with 5-10 others in a room. In addition, any cat that needs to be on routine medication (i.e. insulin shots) may not be a good fit for us, as we do not have 24-hour care at the shelter. We suggest looking into foster-based rescues for these situations, which you can look into here

Kitty Cottage is a privately funded nonprofit organization that is completely reliant on donations from the public. We do not get county or state funding. Because of this, we have fees associated with surrendering house cats (based on the age of the cat) that way we can provide proper care. 


If you have further questions regarding surrendering a cat, please EMAIL us at and we can give you more information.


Please visit the below website for important instruction on what to do if you find a kitten.

"When you discover kittens outdoors, it can be tempting to scoop them up and bring them indoors. However, it is important to know that this is almost never in a kitten’s best interest."

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We are only able to assist kittens with the help of our amazing fosters. We have a limited amount of fosters each season, and can only help as many as our foster families can handle. Kittens are typically too small and a lot more prone to illnesses when they stay in the shelter, so the safest place for them is in a foster home until they are spayed, vaccinated and ready to place in their forever home. Click here to learn more about becoming a foster with us. 


Please send us an email at if you would like to inquire about placing abandoned kittens with us. We do have surrender fees associated with a litter of kittens, as they are very expensive for a shelter to care for, and we are only run by public donations. 


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Please keep in mind that we are a CAGE-FREE animal shelter, meaning all of our cats interact with each other. Because of this, we cannot bring in adult strays off the street since they can potentially be carrying something that can pass on to our resident cats here. Unfortunately at this time, we do not have isolation space for situations like this. Please use the graph above or go to our resources tab for more information on what to do if you come across a stray and who may be able to assist.

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