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It's nice to meet you! In case you don't already know what Kitty Cottage Adoption Center is, we are a non-profit, no kill, cage-free shelter dedicated to saving the lives of as many cats and kittens as our donation-based income allows us to. Since the start of Kitty Cottage in 2002, we have opened our doors to over 4,000 cats and counting. 

Last year we were able to help over 60 kittens find their forever homes, and we would like to help even more this year! 

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our amazing supporters for your generous donations at our Kitten Shower event in April! 

While the  fun of our kitten shower is over, we still always have a need for kitten supplies and donations towards them. 
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View a Registry: 

Sponsor a Litter!

Kittens can typically stay in our care for 4-6 months. During that time, we supply our fosters with all of the resources they need to care for them. Shelter, food, litter, linens, toys, and tons of other supplies. On top of that, these babies require multiple rounds of shots, microchips, medications and spaying. Because litters are always in multiples, our resources get depleted very quickly!


If you would like to sponsor a litter, reach out to one of our staff members to see what it would entail, or click on the reoccurring donations in the button below: 

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