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Getting a kitten? Consider TWO

When kittens are young, we often tell adopters they need to be adopted in pairs. Yes we do love seeing more cats get adopted, but that isn't why we suggest adopters adopt two instead of one. There are a ton of behavioral and social development benefits your fur babies will get out of having a best friend and it will actually make your life much easier.

1. Your kittens will have a playmate forever and stay out of trouble Kittens have a lot of energy and need constant stimulation. Having a built in buddy gives them a sense of comfort so they can adapt to their new homes quickly.

2. Having a playmate could also keep them preoccupied from more damaging behaviors such as scratching your furniture. Constant attention will make them happier and thus all around better companions.

3. Kittens need a buddy for healthy social development Kittens will learn through observation from each other. Specifically, they learn when they are playing too hard, how to share territory and overall how to interact with other kitties and people. Having a buddy can teach them manners so they don't scratch or bite too hard. Kittens tend to thrive near other cats despite the rumor that cats like to be alone.

4. Your kitties will be healthier The kittens will likely play together and be active so they have decreased risk of obesity and associated illnesses. If you have two kitties that like each other, they may groom each other to help maintain some personal hygiene.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to

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