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How to celebrate your pet's Gotcha Day

Everyone needs a dedicated day that is ALLLL about them. For most people, this is normally a birthday. Because a birthday is not something usually known about rescue animals, many pet parents who adopted a from a shelter celebrate their pet's Gotcha Day, or the day they officially adopted this family member into the family. Instead of celebrating a birthday, you celebrate the day they joined your family and how much they mean to you. So if you are adopting a pet make sure to write down the day in your calendar so you can celebrate each incredible year your pet has been a part of your family. How you celebrate your pet's Gotcha Day is up to you. After all, you know your pet best, so you know how to spoil them best. But if you are short on ideas, here are some great ways to celebrate your furry family member's Gotcha Day: 1. Make a special meal

The same as people like to celebrate we tend to like to celebrate our pets with some good food or treats. You can buy some special pet cake or cupcake mixes or even make treats from scratch. If you aren't particularly great a cooking or baking, there is no shame going to a close by pet store and splurging on some treats.

2. Get them a special present This could be a new bed, toys, some cat nip, a new cat tree or maybe even some cool wall shelves! Did I already say catnip? (Check out fun things like catnip treats, catnip bubbles and even catnip spray). Pets (mostly dogs) might even like to pick out their own gift at a pet store if they don't get terribly stressed out in the car or in the outside world. Just make sure the store allows pets before taking them there. Otherwise, you can even find plenty of goodies on Amazon Smile or Chewy that your pet would surely appreciate. We have even seen some pretty cute gotcha day bandanas!

3. Spend some quality time with them

You probably spend time with your pet already, but make this day about them and do things that you know they love! Maybe this is going for a walk, taking them for a ride, playing with some wand toys or laser pointers. Whatever your pet likes, make sure to do a little extra of this on their Gotcha Day.

4. Donate to the rescue or shelter you adopted your pet from. There is nothing like showing your appreciation by giving back to the place that saved your pet and gave them a home before connecting you to your furry family member. Donating to a shelter means that they can save even more animals, which in turn helps the next family looking to add to their family.

5. Share your appreciation and spread the news to your friends and family on social media. Don't be afraid to be extra and get some balloons or other special decorations. These memories are just as much for you as they are a way to connect more with your pet. If you love your pet, make sure everyone knows it. You may even inspire others to adopt and save a life!

Hopefully you have a good jumping off point here for some ways to celebrate your pet's Gotcha Day. Have any other ideas we missed or have some insight to some of these points (like some quality cat beds, toys, treats, etc.) let us know in the comments!

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